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We follow a strict set of values to provide you with the most wonderfully tasting products you can share with your friends and family.

100% Halal

Our specialists are experts in halal products, with years of experience and know-how, in order to make sure every product is halal and ready to be enjoyed.

Always Eco-Friendly

All our waste is treated according to the highest industry standards and we make every effort to protect the environment, every step of the production process.

Responsible Water Consumption

The processes used in our factory are optimized so as to use as little water as possible. For example, we implemented self cleaning, economic processes for
the daily cleaning of the factory.

Responsible Sourcing

We support the local economy, by using only fresh milk from certified farms, exclusively from Romania.

Social Impact

Our goal is to maintain the friendly working environment we have created, while providing jobs in areas where investments are needed and the
standard of living is below optimal.

Quality Assurance

We make it our mission to make sure that the processes put in place work at the highest standards every day and that every product we provide respects our promise, leaving room for no compromise.

”Family is something that we do not take for granted at Levantis Food Holding. Every team member at Levantis Food Holding is family and it is our duty to support, encourage and elevate each other because we believe a positive work environment naturally lends itself to the care and dedication that goes into making our food.”

Hasan Balouli
Co-Founder Levantis Food Holding
CEO Alfadel Group

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