an artistic touch to make our traditional recipes incredibly delicious


Levantis means dairy and surprising specialties, prepared here, in Romania, based on traditional recipes from Levant, one of the most fascinating areas in Middle East. It brings new tastes, less known in Europe, but highly appreciated in the culinary culture of the Eastern Mediterranean. It also means authentic people, with strong values, that believe that the role of a successful business is also to improve the quality of life of those around us, now and in the future. Levantis adheres deeply to each of these values.
Other than that, our story doesn't have anything special.

Grill Cheese

It is the most popular ”cooked cheese” in the mediterranean kitchen, full of proteins, calcium and low on calories. It can be enjoyed daily, raw or slightly grilled, for intense and mouth-watering flavors.



Our cheese is handmade by passionate specialists, with lots of patience and know-how. Every piece of cheese is special, receives all the attention it
needs, along with just the right amount
of condiments.


Yoghurt & Ayran

Our yoghurt is pure and simple, natural and healthy, leaving all the room for everyone's daily creativity. It makes a delicious mix with nuts, honey, fresh
fruits or cucumber!


More than Honey

Our honey is delicious, nutritious, 100% natural and it comes in various options: pure acacia, special pine, or dedicated to those who appreciate an exotic taste - raspberry or berries.



100% natural.100% halal.
pure food for our souls


We select the milk from the best suppliers in Romania and we immediately pass it through an advanced process of analysis - we are among the few dairy factories in Romania that own a high performance laboratory that allows us to be sure, at any moment, that absolutely every milk drop we use comes from perfectly healthy cows that have not been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. All that we add after this are just a few top quality ingredients, 100% Natural and 100% Halal (rennet, spices and water) with absolutely no artificial preservatives. That's why our products have a short shelf life, but a very high nutritional value and a great taste.
The unique taste is also given by something else: almost all of our products are hand made, with a lot of patience and care. And we do not exaggerate when we say this. In our culture, cooking and eating are pure forms of love, and that makes the Levantis taste always be different, intense and savory.
One of the important qualities of our company is that we have a deep respect for nature. We are grateful for what we receive from it, that's why our entire production process is ECO-FRIENDLY.
As you have read, there's no fairy tale here. The best stories, however, are told by each of our products, together with you, when they leave the shelf and reach your home.
Everyday, with every taste, there is another story: about breakfast laughter, together with your loved ones... about the appetite while you eat a sandwich for lunch break with your friends... about the healthy salad you have dreamed about all day long and you can't wait to spoil yourself tonight with... or about those special moments you've been preparing for the whole year and want to get perfect.
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