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Americana’s canned products celebrate your youth while embracing your traditions and culture. As you leave home and venture out into the beginning of your new life, take Americana’s vibrant products with you on the ride. You’ll find a full range of beans, seafood, fruits, vegetables, appetizers and much, much more that can be whipped up in a convenient way while maintaining a quality taste of home! Indulge in a world of recipes we have in store for you here or try your own mix with our range: Live a little on the edge with Americana.

Canned Foods

Enjoy our quality canned beans, from peas or hommos, to foul and many
others, as well as mushrooms, fruits, meats or tuna.

Fish & Seafood

Try our wide range of fish and seafood alternatives, from fish fillets to shrimp, calamari or sardines.


Frozen Vegetbles & Fruit

Frozen fresh, to keep their nutritional values, our vegetables are here for delicious meals, as well as our frozen
fish and seafood.


For confortable evenings and quick lunches, enjoy our frozen pizza, rich in flavor, in four delicious options.



better and better
decade after decade


More than 50 years ago, we, set out with a single-minded goal to provide the region with better traditional food products.
From the beginning, we realized that the only way to achieve this was by ensuring that everything we did, and everything we used, would be the best that was available – the best ingredients, the best systems and equipment, the highest standards of quality and hygiene – and, of course strict adherence to HALAL processes. And, as the best available has kept on getting better – so have we. It’s been a recipe for success, and today AMERICANA offers an extensive range of high quality products, and is the one of the largest producers of food products in the region.


welcome to goodness on your table,
welcome to Americana


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