New sales facility in Germany

Levantis Food is adding another market to its business by establishing a new sales facility in Germany. The new subsidiary will begin selling Levantis branded dairy products in Germany from December 2017 in response to growing demand for nutritious dairy products.

The new Levantis Food-owned subsidiary, will be based in Berlin, Germany and will supply products from its Levantis range also sold in Austria, including Ayran which is in demand among the rapidly growing middle class in urban areas, and butter and cheese. The move by Levantis is in line with the company’s business strategy, which aims to develop new markets for Levantis and Americana products in the EU. As part of its strategy, Levantis aims to duble its revenue in Europe market by 2019. The new subsidiary in Germany will manage sales and marketing activity of the products in Tema Industrial Park close to Berlin, and distribution will be carried out through local distributors.