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We’re here to offer you a new and lavish food variety, less known in Europe, but highly appreciated in the Eastern Mediterranean culinary culture. Our team is made of authentic people, with strong values, that believe the role of a successful business is to improve the quality of life for those around us, now and in the future. As part of Levantis Food Holding, Alfadel Group aims to fit its customer’s lifestyle, providing healthy, delightful and nutritious products, while respecting and sustaining the wellbeing of our surrounding nature, our society and our community.

"Driven by a passion for delivering wholesome and high-quality HALAL food products to our customers, still we are focused on our core values and practices: Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Water, Environmental Sustainability, Rural Development, Responsible Sourcing and Social Impact."



Halal Food

Halal food is not only about tradition, it also means happy animals, no suffering, clean and healthy food, and a generally positive energy with every meal.

Diversity & Culture Sharing

Traditional food is one of the most meaningful, personal and generous
ways to come into contact and understand the core of a culture.

Healthy & Balanced Nutrition

A balanced nutrition is the first step to a healthy life, full of energy and motivation to do great things! It all begins with our meals and we are here to provide the
best solutions.

Protecting the Environment

Our thousands of years of tradition taught us to respect the land and the nature that feed us with infinite generosity. It is our duty to protect the environment and make sure future generations enjoy life on Earth just as much as we do.

Supporting the Local Economy

Being a part of the community means enjoying all it has to offer and offering as much as we can back. We use local raw materials, we work with local teams and we strive to be part of the local community.

Creating a Family-like Working Environment

Working at Levantis means becoming part of a close team, focused on the well-being of every member, on a professional and personal level.


the quality taste of childhood adapted to our modern lifestyle


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